2. Tap the address bar and you’ll see a box (in the left side of the address bar) with a search engine logo inside it. No, this requires additional hardware inside that enables it to connect to cellular networks. 2. Tap the address bar and then type the required address of a webpage and then tap Go. Step4. Select the items you wish to backup then tap Start. Tap and then select Save page. 10. If you want to exit from the reader mode, you can tap to disable it and revert the page back to the original state. 3. Once the webpage is fully loaded, tap located in the left side of the address bar to enable reader mode. Remember to enable the debugging mode on your mobile and grant the authority to the software for accessing the phone. If phone tapping is illegal, how do software firms get away with selling spyware openly? As soon as you download this app you can get access to all information from the targeted phone straight to your smartphone or computer.

Some cell phone companies may not allow voices messages to be left when a number has been blocked, while other cell phone companies will allow a voice message. Note: Once completed, 9tracker will create an LG backup session on PC, you can follow the Backup steps while choosing Restore from Backup option instead. Can I still listen to a podcast on my phone while driving? The phone Spector will allow people on an average about monitoring people just like the investigator. On the other side, we have innovative minds that design apps like Spy apps which allows you to monitor a particular smartphone or person with its advanced technology. Long press the Recent apps key to open up the additional options, scroll down the menu/options and then tap “Settings”. Tap and then check the box next to Night mode to enable it. 2. Tap “Easy mode” button. Tap to decrease the font size. If the icon turns gray means the font can’t be increased anymore or it has reached the biggest size. If the icon turns gray means the font can’t be decreased anymore or it has reached the smallest size. There was a time, when writing letters was the only means to be in contact with friends and relatives over long distances.

When you find a nice webpage, you will probably want to share the link with your friends. Default page: select this option if you want to set the Samsung website as your homepage. Most visited: select this option if you want to set the most visited webpages to be displayed as the homepage. 3. Long tap the required message until a pop up menu is displayed and then select Forward. 4. Tap Done button to save the changes. If you select this option, you’ll be asked to enter the webpage address and then tap OK button. Scroll the screen to the very bottom and then tap “Reset settings”. Pinch the screen with two fingers to zoom out. Spread two fingers apart together on the screen to zoom in. 9. Adjusting the zoom level. “Email message history”. Once the backup file is created, send it to an email which you want to use for the backup. Outbound – Email messages that are sent to your phone as high-quality, phone voice messages.

Since the backed up chat messages cannot be directly restored to your Android device, you should log into the email account to download the backup files. No matter your data is lost for whatever reason, you can quickly get them back with this powerful Android data recovery software. In addition to LG backup, Gihosoft Mobile Transfer can also backup and restore data on other Android devices. Step1. Run Mobile Transfer on PC getting into the Backup Your Phone channel. If you want to be able to forward a message, switch your phone back to the standard mode. 8. Using night mode. You can reverse the color between the background and the font by enabling night mode so that you can get a better display when reading in a low-light environment. 7. Saving the page for offline reading. There is no pop-up box that gives you the option to select open page in new tab. In this era, there are many ways to communicate with other people even if it is on the other side of the world. 2011: Apple launches Siri (even though Apple launched a similar product in 1994 called Wildfire).